Marvel vs DC

Marvel vs DC

This has been a very extensive topic, opinions are shared and we can see that most of us currently believe that it is very easy to know which is better.

But the reality is that Marvel and DC are companies that have a very old rivalry and is something that current generations do not know.

The rivalry between both worlds (Marvel and DC) can be said to be relatively friendly and with few tensions, of course we must understand that they are the companies that dominate the world of the Comic; therefore they do not hurt themselves.

To start I want to let you know a little history about the Comics, both companies were created at the same time in the United States to seek to entertain the population with stories of heroes and fantastic characters and thus distract people from economic depression and the World War.

This was how National Allied Publication (1934) was the company that eventually became DC Comics and started with its publications nothing more and nothing less than Superman (1938), Batman (1939) and Flash (1940) known as the golden age of the Comic (1938-1956); five years later (1939) was founded Timely Publications company that one day would become Marvel Comics that with the entry of the United States to the Second World War was that this editor achieved its success with the character of Captain America.

Both Marvel and DC use particular characteristics in their stories as Marvel uses more science fiction (Monsters Type) DC follows a line of human characters with super powers more intellectual than physical.

DC uses more human stories more sensitive and have a lot of narratives in their guides instead Marvel his style is focused more on the action and fighting.

Now many times we focus a lot on these details but the truth is that it depends on who you identify with what history and with what characters, we now know that Marvel in the last 10 years has controlled the big screen with their movies but we also know that DC He has published very good comics and has also focused on producing games like Batman Arkham City or Injustice that has left very good earnings.

Marvel and DC are great companies that over time has fought for the dominance of the entertainment market, however, many writers and drafters have worked in both companies (Mark Milliar, Frank Miller), as a curious fact Marvel was about to acquire DC in 1984 and share the rights of a character in common “ACCESS” a character created for a crossover between Marvel and DC and posse the ability to transport between both Worlds and solve problems after the events between marvel and DC and that some have experienced with numerous Crossovers for that reason this rivalry in my opinion is considered something friendly.

I also want to highlight this difference as in the Marvel Universe are based on cities or real countries as we know them with some exceptions, DC presents a more unrealistic cities such as Gotham City or Metropolis which allows the imaginary creation of stage by the writers.

Both Marvel and DC in the short term will offer excellent movies such as Aquaman and Shazan from DC and Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 from Marvel and many more something that for us fans of comics will be a great event and a great gift for lovers of entertainment cinema.

Which one do you consider better?

Alejandro Zambrano


4 comentarios en “Marvel vs DC

  1. I still think Marvel is better, due to history they both had the same goal but at different times, though I am not very happy about the turnout of avengers infinity war also the change of Natasha’s hair colour, was that a shout out to Yelena? Anyway I believe the tables have turned and Marvel works with emotion (Also Comic relief) and DC now works with Death, they kill off batman way too many times, did u know they revived him so many times he has gone evil?
    Marvel has quite literally brighter comics and Gotham reminds me of London at night. So I am still a Marvel fan though young justice is still one of the best shows around. #Y.J Season 4

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    1. You’re right DC has become a little darker in his Comics and his characters are more deadly, if we can say that. Thanks for comment.

      Me gusta

  2. Speaking as an ‘old man’, I think the comics were better. The films never really captured the mood of the graphics for me.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I agree with you, I am “old School” and I am a fan of the Comics. I think your comment is very successful.

      Me gusta


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