Aquaman ” The King of the Seven Seas”

Aquaman : New Movie December 2018

We all know Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have always ruled the cinema because people are in love with these heroes. However, there are many others heroes in the DC Universe who never got the chance to be displayed on the big screen .



After the success of Wonder Woman, it seems like  production industry is ready to take the risk and launch other characters of the DC Universe and give comic book lovers a chance to enjoy all the characters that they have loved since the beginning in their books. Recently, the launch date of Aquaman has caused a buzz in the entertainment industry. Hopes are high that this movie is going to be extraordinary.


Aquaman is the story of a young man who discovers that he is the heir of the large underwater kingdom, ” Atlantis”. You have to move underwater to make sure you can take care of your people and guide them towards protection and success. However, in the quest to save his world, he has to fight against his half-brother ” Orm Marius” better know as Ocean Master, in a battle for the fate of the kingdom of ” Atlantis”, which gives him the opportunity to become a hero.


Aquaman vs Ocean Master

 UNEXPECTED: change in the release date.

Recently, it has been found that the release dates of Aquaman has been changed and it is raising many suspicions.

1- The filming, production and editing of the movie has been completed and the release date was expected to be October 2018.

2- However, after the announcement that Avatar 2 will not be release in late 2018, the Warner Bros decided that they will be releasing Aquaman in 2018.

3- There were no reasons given for this delay. Experts say that chances are production team wants to get the benefit of the holidays that come in December. It will allow them to generate more profit because most of the fans will be free to come and enjoy the movie in theaters.

If you are DC and especially Aquaman fan, it seems like you will have to wait a little longer to see what happens to your favorite character.


The biggest question most of the fans have is that whether it was worth the delay or not. We would only be able to find out once the movie has been released. There are many fans you are eager to know that is going to happen in the movie. It might seem hard to understand but it is clear that there is going to a lot of action and several cool scenes that will make the movie worth watching. The trailers of the movie made it clear that fans should be ready for some exciting surprise. Something that I have found interesting is the appearance of an archenemy of Aquaman, “Black Manta” who is considered a classic villain and very aligned with the original comics.

Aquaman Pictures


It is important for us to hold our horses and patiently wait for the movie to be released because that is the only way to find out whether it is going to be worth it or not. It is better that you enjoy the movie on the big screen. The production company expects that the movie will do a great business and open doors for the other DC characters to have their own movies.

Leave your comments and your expectations of this great DC / Warner Bros movie. Do you think it will be a success?
Thank you.

Alejandro Zambrano.


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