Reading to be a better person.

I want to present in this article a topic that I have always had in my mind, first of all I want to let you know that it is an original article and presented as a personal point of view.
As we know reading is a good habit as many of us know, but every day more because of the tight lifestyle we have forgotten what is good or bad for example we forget having a good diet because we do not have time to get a balanced nutrition and other times we neglect our loved ones because we are very busy but what do I mean by this? We must do all our effort to do what is right, what is good and help others.

One of the things that we should not stop doing is the habit of reading, I know that many people do not like to read or just do not have time but start with something short and look for topics that catch your attention, interesting topics that you like. Reading expands our way of thinking, helps us learn new things and we exercise our mind.

From an early age, parents and educators can encourage young people to read clearly and get them interested in topics that help them to be better human beings, as well as entertaining themselves and taking reading a daily habit.


Reading gives us knowledge, makes us people with an adequate vocabulary and makes us creative. But what kind of reading should we read? As I recommended starting with topics of your interest is a good starting point but I would also recommend reading material that brings value to your life, topics that protect your way of thinking with high content of learning and at the same time entertaining.
Today there is a lot of information on the Web, books and others medias the information are at the hand of all then we must be selective when looking for good material to read to learn.

I started from an early age reading Comics and so I became a habit to read and nowadays I look for material that gives value to my life and makes me a better person, not perfect, only better every day. That is why we take care in what we see, read and learn that determines us as persons.


I hope this article is useful for everyone and I hope it makes us think about what is good or bad for our life and how the environment in which we live influences us.
Leave your comment and thanks for reading my article.

Alejandro Zambrano


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